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Frequently asked questions

What means Aversis?

“Aversis Systems” is an intellectual system which is engaged in global distribution of the computer network and gives the chance to lease the unused processor capacities. We created the exclusive AVERS program for attraction of resources for development and for the accelerated growth of the Global Distributed Computing System. The task of the Aversis Systems company is to unite the received resources and to distribute them further, according to requests. The reward earned by the company for providing of a computing resource is distributed between the clients. The income is accrued in proportion of amount and time of lending of computing resources, according to a rate.

What is it needed for?

The specialists of the company have developed a program which allows to interlink the unused resources of personal computers worldwide in a single supercomputer. Its total output capacity can be enough for handling of improbable amount of information. Uniting daily the thousands computers the Aversis already today provides the resource for development of the latest technologies, helps to solve complex problems in health care, performs production of crypto currencies and supports global virtual resources in the Internet.

What advantages are there?

The Aversis Systems company offers an income acquisition opportunity from leasing of a free computing resource of the computer, also a possibility of receipt of the referral income (earnings go for the participant of project not from the purse of the invited user, but from the service purse, in this case from the Aversis Systems) from engagement of other participants in the program, just as of income receipt from lease of the computing resource, and also a possibility of obtaining and use of the exclusive products offered by the Aversis Systems company.

What possibilities are there?

Give a chance to your computer to bring you a bigger benefit, as a matter of fact each of us doesn’t use the potential of computer at full capacity. What it spends the energy for? What if to interlink the thousands of home PCs…

In this way the computing resources of all computers participate in all possible and required complex computing challenges, such as production of crypto currency, support of game resources, participation in scientific research - thanks to which it is even possible to develop a medicine for cancer, for example. Each computer receives only its specific task. For this purpose the special software gets installed on the PC of users interested to participate in the project. So, the computer receives small tasks, processes them and sends the results back.

What is our goal?

By and large, practically each of us doesn’t use the potential of the computer at full capacity. Look under the table where the computer is placed. What it spends its resource for? So that you could several times a day press several buttons to meet with “just another schoolmate” or to hang out in “VKontakte”?. And this is all? Well and, in a colder season - the computer can act as an additional source of heating of air under a table. But a computer can bring invaluable benefit. But what if thousands of house computers get linked in one system and “forced” to work properly? Do not be surprised! All this is possible! And with low costs can be gained the large benefit in the end through the joint operation! It is also our main objective to give to each participant an opportunity to earn on the PC by having joined to the global computing system.

How to become a participant?

You need to get registered and purchase any packet offered by the Company. By paying for one of packets you receive the license for use of special software in the system and lending of the PC computing resource to the Aversis Systems Company.

How do I get income?

After registration you independently choose a rate and the period for which you are ready to provide the computer resource in lease, you pay for the license for use of a software application. Afterwards you install the application on the computer and comply with the conditions of the chosen rate, the remuneration will begin to be coming to you automatically. You will be able to control the process on your computer, in your personal account or through the mobile application.

Career terms

In order to get the next position you should sell the tariffs at sums standing on the right. The sums get summarized from located below invited participants for each separately.

Position%Purchase sum
AVERSIS GOLD18%€ 120 000

Moreover, in company “AVERSIS” are provided additional rewards for active participants. For example, if you distribute actively:

  • - The reward “SUPER SELLER” gets paid to the partner who has reached AVERS SELLER position. The reward constitutes 3% of amount of sale.

  • - The reward SUPER MANAGER gets paid to the partner who has reached AVERS MANAGER position. The reward constitutes 5% of amount of sale.

  • - The reward PREMIUM BONUS gets paid each time to the partner who makes a sale volume in amount of 100.000,00 Euros.

Invitation of participants

Invite the participants with help of our referral program and earn an additional passive income until the client invited by you gives a
resource of his PC in lease.

Products of the company

The main product of the company is the unique program application which is capable to link together the resource of all users and to distribute them further according to requests.

For convenience of use of our main product and conducting of constant control we offer for our clients a free mobile application.

For convenience of settling payments with our clients we offer AVERSIS MASTERCARD or AVERSIS VISA CARD.

Requirements for PC

In order to become our client you need to have a personal computer which conforms to the minimum requirements of one of our tariffs.

TariffRent per dayLoading of CPULoading of RAM

The referral program

The essence of our referral system consists in its multilevel structure. It means that it is possible to get profit not only from clients who were invited by you. As soon as you are registered in the AVERSIS system you receive a position of AVERS STARTING and you get a referral link which you can send to all those interested in our system. So, when you have at least one person joined to the system thanks to your referral link, you begin to earn.

Why can I trust you?

Our program has undergone a testing and it is registered and published in the Windows Store system. This is a guarantee that our application will perform all declared functions. You can directly obtain this information on the website of Microsoft.

Can my account be hacked in?

Today the danger of stealing of logins and passwords by spy programs and Bot networks is very high. Also there is a danger of stealing and transferring of saved passwords from browser by various viruses. The Aversis system takes care that your account should not be cracked due to two-stage authorization.

Two-stage authorization

We use two-stage authorization system to strengthen the security level. At each authorization procedure our users receive an additional new confidential code that excludes any possibility to gain access by malefactors. It means that you will be able to get authorization only by using of additional one-time code which you receive with SMS.


Anyone who has reached 18 years of age may get registered in AVERSIS.

Conclusion of agreement

To conclude the agreement can any registered user who intends to pay for the license.

Termination of agreement

You have the right to terminate the agreement with the company and to demand removal of data at any time. For this purpose it is necessary for you to apply to the company with the letter indicating that you don’t wish to cooperate with our company any more, and you wish to remove all data from our resource. Note: In case of premature cancellation of agreement the company doesn’t return money for the paid license period.

Change of data

You may always change your personal data. For this you have to get in your personal account in the section of personal data.

Payment for license

You can pay for the license according to the chosen rate in your personal account, with any method provided by the company.

Withdrawal of moneys

You have the right to withdraw all your earned means from 60,00 Euros and more at any time using any method provided by the company.

Are there any questions left?
For sorting out problems and getting replies you can apply through a feedback form in your private office.