About the product.

According to statistics, each user loads his computer with personal tasks only 20% of his potential, so the rest of the resource is idle and consumes electricity in idle.

By purchasing AVERSIS software, any user can lease an unused resource of his computer, profit and still earn money on it.

The AVERSIS system, can take versatile computing tasks and process them at the expense of unused computing resources of private computers.

AVERSIS is a multiplex platform for decentralized data storage, built using Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies.

AVERSIS processes multiple quantities, ordering from different areas, but the main task is now on processing and controlling transactions in game currencies.

Using our system, gaming portals acquire the possibility of strict control over movement of game currencies, which allows them to significantly expand their borders and exchange game currency between users and playgrounds. This service scheme allows gaming portals to significantly increase Number of users.


User from network wants to make a transaction

The transaction routes the request to the Aversis node

Confirmation for the transaction system and status of the user

In the Blockchain system, we create a new block that can not be modified or deleted

After confirmation the transaction merges with other transactions, forming a blockunit

The AVERSIS system is a decentralized data storage system, which exists due to the multitude of computers integrated into one network.

Decentralized storage of information is a unique opportunity to protect data on the Internet, plus this protection helps information to acquire the status of reliable.

Thanks to this, it became possible to implement the technology “smart contract”. Smart contracts are written in the form of a specific digital code and stored in the system,and a clear network of contracts is provided by the network of computers that manages the Blockchain system.


User from Network wants to sell a house, a car or commit another transaction

The task of AVERSIS is to bring buyer and seller together, digitize an agreement register and make a deal

Check in, confirmation and transmission property rights is carried out without leaving home

You need no longer an expert to look for documents and save unnecessary costs

Also, using the registry created in this way, you can easily enter into reliable contracts, transfer money, receive goods or services. In other words, it became possible quickly and reliably, and most importantly without intermediaries to transfer money, shares, property and other assets.

To conclude a regular transaction, it is necessary today to go to a notary or to seek the services of a lawyer in order to be sure of the reliability and security of the data specified in the contract, and most importantly to be sure of its execution.

It works simply and quickly. You pay for the service by applying to the registry, and order the service you need, for example any contract, extract and cadastre of real estate, passport data, blood type and so on, in general, you get everything you need in a short time and with 100 % Guarantee of authenticity of information.

And besides, the system will not only provide you with the authenticity of information but also control execution, fine for violation and automatically ensure the fulfillment of all the terms of the contract.

It’s very easy to become a member of the AVERSIS network.

You need to purchase any license to use the AVERSIS Software.

Install the application on your computer and meet the conditions for the selected tariff.

Пfter installing the software automatically starts the program to provide the computing resource of your PC and rent it out

in accordance with the chosen program, you are automatically awarded for each processed information block.

You decide how much you want to earn.

The user determines the earnings by choosing the tariff. Each tariff has certain conditions in the provision of rental capacity of its PC and also the time period for provision.

Each user has the right to choose which tariff is most suitable for him, thereby determining his own level of earnings.