Let your computer benefit

Aversis is an intelligent system for generating income from leasing the unused capacities of your computer

Aversis Systems - new Internet opportunities

Aversis allows to gain profit from renting out a free computing resource of your PC, as well as the possibility of getting income from every invited user
How it works

How to make money with Aversis

You need to purchase any AVERSIS package. You get a license to use the software

Install the software on your computer and meet the conditions on the chosen tariff

After installing the software, automatically runs a program designed to provide computing resource of your PC and lease it

In accordance with the chosen program, you will be automatically rewarded on a daily basis

You decide how much you want to earn

Aversis tariff options are simple and clear! You just need to choose time of connection to the network + your PC free resources
For those who are used to getting maximum, Aversis offers Referral programs


2 days

5 Hours per day


Earnings11.8 €


365 Days

Hours per day



Business new

360 Days

Hours per day



* tariffs will be available soon

What your PC horsepowers serve for

Scientific projects

Blockchain and crypto-currencies

Hosting providers

Mobile apps

Video and 3D rendering

More and more companies today need a larger virtual space on the Internet.

Combining thousands of computers into one single supercomputer every day, Aversis provides resources in the development of new technologies, helps to solve complex health problems, produces crypto-currencies and supports global virtual resources on the Internet.

How blockchain system works

Network user wants to make a transaction

The transaction is sent to the Aversis peer node network

System confirms the transaction and status of the user

Blockchain system creates a new block. Its place is unique and can not be modified

After confirmation, the transaction is combined with other transactions, forming a new registry block

Last transactions

Completion dateTransactionsTimeAmount

Earn on renting PC out is easier than you think

All Aversis programs are fairly clear. You can define the desired income yourself and choose a tariff according to the capabilities of your PC. Also, the company provides referral programs to attract customers, which can take you to a whole new level of passive income in the Internet.

Tariff «Business»

821.25 €
Per month

100% guarantee of your data safety

Our program has been tested, registered and published in the Windows Store system, which is a guarantee that our application will perform all the declared functions. You can get this information directly on the Microsoft website.
Learn more about security

How smart Aversis transactions work

A network user wants to sell a house, a car or make another transaction

Aversis task is to bring the buyer and the seller together, digitise the contract, register and make a transaction

Registration, confirmation and assignment of property rights are carried out without leaving home

No longer need to search for a transaction specialist, manually fill in a lot of documents and overpay to intermediaries

Become the Aversis project member, benefit the community and get extra income.